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Road Trip Essentials Checklist for Your Car

Road Trip Essentials Checklist for Your Car

Going on road trips is a fun way to explore attractive outdoor destinations with friends or family. Knowing what to bring with you and what to check beforehand to make the journey successful is essential. In this article, you will find a checklist to help you plan your next road trip. 

Check the Tires

Using the guidelines in your owner’s manual, perform necessary tire checks to ensure they are all ready for the trip. The tire pressure should match the details in the manual, and there should be no cracks or bulges when you examine the treads.

Test the Lights

Canadian roads can be unpredictable, and you might face poor visibility at night or during extreme weather. Ensuring your front and rear lighting works is crucial to safely driving through these challenging conditions. Check your headlights, brake lights, blinkers, hazard lights, and reverse lights to ensure they work correctly.

Tune Your Car for the Trip

If your car has not been checked for a while, getting it a tune-up can save you time by identifying defects earlier. A professional mechanic will check all the essential fluids, including oil, transmission fluid, radiator coolant and brake fluid, to see if they need a refill.

Understand the Features of Your Car

Most cars are packed with features to improve the overall driving experience. Even if you have been driving your vehicle for months, recap all the essential features you might need during the road trip. 

Test the Brakes

While driving the car, test the brakes at different speeds to see the vehicle’s reaction. Listen for any screeching or scraping sounds, indicating that you should replace the brake pads.

Check the Temperature

Going on a road trip in the early summer or winter requires proper air conditioning, especially if multiple people travel with you. Test the air conditioning and heater by pumping out cold and hot air to ensure they run properly.

Renew Documents

Check the expiration dates on legal documents, including your registration, insurance, passport and driving license. Also, ensure your insurance or CAA membership is active to cover you during the trip.

Include the Essentials

Create a list of personal effects you will need on the trip. This includes road maps for emergencies, phone chargers, food, music, travel games, and an up-to-date emergency roadside kit.

Get Ready for a Road Trip in Edmonton, AB!

Road trips need careful planning and preparation from both the travellers and the vehicle for the journey to succeed. Contact The Cars Near Cost Company in Edmonton, AB, to prepare your car for a road trip and discover the best deals and financing options.

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